#TopBrassSpotlight Live – Are you prepared for the Localization of #Business

Govt. is doing everything to create new opportunities for #enterprises, #SMEs, and #startups but are you prepare to understand the changing dynamics and grab the opportunities. Come on the Spotlight with us and we would help you find new opportunities in the era of #localization.


#vocalforlocal #PMModi #Nirmalasitaraman #India #UK #Covid19 #covid2019

Author: Chandra Kant

Akulmach specialise in supporting small and medium sized businesses, helping them to fulfil their true potential. We are passionate about business with a genuine desire to help others. We have developed a business growth model delivered with a no nonsense, jargon free approach, designed to help you to achieve your vision. Whether you are starting a new business from scratch, looking for a succession plan or you want to build the value in your business, we can help!

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