Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss

Alopecia means nothing more than the loss of hair and is a sign rather than a diagnosis.

There are many causes and patterns.


LOCALISED (non scaring): Tinea Capitis, Alopecia areata, Androgen tic alopecia, Traumatic and syphilis.

DIFFUSED (non scaring): Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypopituitarism, diabetes, HIV, Nutritional Deficiency, Liver diseases and Post Partum, etc…

LOCALISED (scaring): idiopathic, discoid lupus erythematous, herpes zoster, tinea capitis.

DIFFUSED (scaring): radiotherapy, folliculitis decalvans, and lichen planus pilaris.

ALOPECIA AREATA: Sudden loss of hair in patchy fashion may be due to anxiety or sudden shock. It may show a marked tendency of recurrence.

RINGWORM: It causes bald patches having scanty, small, thin hairs. Fungal spores are found in affected hair.

USE OF CURLERS: It may be responsible for baldness in corresponding areas .later on there maybe Scaring and permanent loss of hair.


FLUORIC ACID: Hair fall after sickness, hair breakage and hair gets tangled a lot.

PHOSPHORUS: Alopecia with gastrointestinal disorders

CALCAREA CARB: Hair fall with itching and sweating of scalp helps in regrowth of hair.

VINCA MINOR: Hair falls with dandruff, used to treat abnormal hair growth.

SILICEA: Baldness accompanied by pain

BARYTA CARB: Premature baldness in timid people with tonsillitis.

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