topBrass workflow for automatic business leads

topBrass is a very user-friendly brand & Business leads generation platform. It allows a very intuitive and direct method of lead generation. It allows you to get creative and attract prospective customer to your content using social media.

topBrass behaves like a social media aggregator so if you create an article it would instantly published on the walls of a million followers of Akulmach’s professional network spread across all the major network sites. This feature increase your reach to the world wide audiences.

There is no bar on how you would like to appeal to your audiences as long as it adhere to our User Policies. As a user of the system you would be able to create many articles which could talk about your inventions, innovations, CEO’s Leadership, Companies Success stories etc. All this content about you is made to work for you to enhance your brand and increase the visibility.

topBrass allows with easy following organizations goals”

  • Branding
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase your connections
  • Distribution of your marketing collaterals to prospect
  • Direct engagements with prospect without intrusive emails
  • Build your client list with out making investment in lead generation people or systems.
  • Work with client that are truly interested in your products/services/memberships
  • Directly publish your offerings on the social media platform and attract prospects.
  • Prospects can communicate with your quickly and come to a business decision.
  • You could offer spot discounts for early closure.
  • Based on the client’s interest contact details could be shared for a follow up.
  • Advance sales technique are available for retaining the interest of the clients.

topBrass allows you to add-modify-delete any line-of-service or product based on your changing business goals. All this can be achieved without monitoring anything. topBrass works automatically after you have configured the system. After that it takes over and automatically start generating sales leads for your.

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Author: Chandra Kant

Akulmach specialise in supporting small and medium sized businesses, helping them to fulfil their true potential. We are passionate about business with a genuine desire to help others. We have developed a business growth model delivered with a no nonsense, jargon free approach, designed to help you to achieve your vision. Whether you are starting a new business from scratch, looking for a succession plan or you want to build the value in your business, we can help!

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