Cloud based Collaboration Platform tailor made for Financial Services


Reduce Operational Cost by 20 X

Productivity Increase by 10 X

Profitability Increase by 3 X

BizzyDesk designed to provide an End-to-End seamlessly, integrated Cloud based Collaboration solution specifically to the global Finance/ Business intelligence & Digital Contact Centre business markets.

BizzyDesk is an online digital platform running on both PC or any Android mobile device via latest chrome browser, currently the most advanced, common & popular browser in the world, dedicates to provide a single/consolidated & affordable virtual workspace system that addresses the key requirements of an effective collaborative digital meeting/event for the B2C, B2B, C2C and B2P (partners) type of relationships markets.

The platform addresses the following:

Presentation: The ability to introduce content from varying sources (local PC, mobile phone or tablet, social networks, enterprise cloud etc.) and provide an interactive capabilities with astonishing digital quality and functionality including: sharing high quality digital multimedia objects, such as desktop screens, media and documents files, that can be zoomed in and out, flipped, transitioned in and out of full screen; ability to provide instant synchronization and interaction among distanced participants, allowing them to take control and interact seamlessly with the presentation regardless which device (PC or mobile), given unit size & dimension or varying screen resolution (FHD/UHD/lower) by any participant in typical BizzyDesk session.

Instant P2P Real time Collaboration: Content validation and confirmation using latest WebRTC technologies including best-in-class p2p IM/Video/Audio/ ScreenSharing & first-of-a-kind in-browser secured remote control by any participant without any special installation!

Direct Deal Closing & Deliverables: Enables collaborative online form completion and digital signature, documented via optional entire session recording (A/V/IM streams) on original company documents; streamlining and reducing total cost of long work cycle duration.

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Author: Chandra Kant

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